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Sacral Chakra Crystal Aromatherapy Healing Oil

Sacral Chakra Crystal Aromatherapy Healing Oil

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The sacral chakra is the second chakra in your body's chakra system. It's associated with your emotional body, creativity, and sensuality. The sacral chakra's energy is
characterized by flexibility and flow. Its function is guided by the principle of pleasure. It is located in the lower
abdomen. It's the chakra that's closely associated with
emotional responses and often described as the seat of emotions. It's also connected to reproductive function.

Signs of an imbalanced sacral chakra
• Lack of creativity.
• Lack of motivation.
• Lack of sexual appetite or unpleasant sexual intercourse.
• Emotional confusion or turmoil.
• You feel unimportant.
• You think nobody loves you.
• You think you are unaccepted by those around you or by society
• You think you do not know how or you cannot take care of yourself.

This sacral chakra oil is intentionally formulated to help heal your sacral chakra and move life force energy through this energy center smoothly. This oil is intended for topical use but you can also it to your baths or use it as moisturizer. 

To use, add 4-5 drops to palm and rub at your sacral  chakra, where your belly button is counterclockwise until you feel energy and heat in this area. Visualize all life force energy in your body moving into this area. Do this daily to help bring energy into this chakra. This will encourage healing and proper energy flow.

Ingredients: Almond oil, coconut oil, essential oils, carnelian crystals and oranges.

*please allow 5-7 days for creation*

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