Heart Chakra Healing Energy Cleansing Bath Mix

Heart Chakra Healing Energy Cleansing Bath Mix

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The heart chakra energy cleansing bath is used to cleanse and remove negative energies and vibrations from your spiritual body. Spiritual or ritual baths are used in many traditions for purification and to connect physical and spiritual energies in order to harmonize them towards a specific intention. 

This bath mix is essential for cleansing your energy centers and helping you heal your heart chakra. This bath has helped me heal my depression and anxiety. It helped me get rid of my fear and pain. It also assisted me in calling in my guides to help heal my heart and teach me how to love myself and others.

This bath will help with:
*Removing Self Limiting Beliefs
*Revealing true intentions and character of people around you.
*Healing your heart chakra
*Cleansing low vibrational energy
*Assist you in calling in your guides for divine healing.


​To use: Add desired amount to warm bath water. There is no need to boil them first or do anything additionally to prepare them for use. The amount used can range from 1-2 tablespoons per bath over a course of a few days to using the entire bag at once.
If you do not have a bath tub or are concerned about the botanicals and herbs clogging the drain, you can add them to a muslin tea bag or organza bag. If showering, you can attach the bag to the shower head and let the salts wash over you.

During the bath ritual you can recite prayers, incantations or meditate upon your intentions. You can also include crystals, incense, or additional ritual oils for your bath experience.

Product Details:
1lb bag
Sea salt, jasmine flowers, rosemary and mint, clary sage and sandalwood essential oils.

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