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Throat Chakra Crystal Aromatherapy Healing Oil

Throat Chakra Crystal Aromatherapy Healing Oil

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The Throat Chakra is the 5th chakra, it's color is blue. It is the chakra of expression, purity, alignment and truth. Its main function is that of a gateway and translator. The Throat Chakra is the first of the three higher, more spiritual chakras. It is located in the throat and neck, which also physically looks like a bottleneck between the head and the lower body, its location is a symbol of its role as a gateway and translator between the spiritual and physical aspects of our being.

Signs of an imbalanced throat chakra:
• Struggling to find the right words
• Feeling afraid to talk or express yourself
• Believing that expressing yourself is pointless
• Allowing others to verbally abuse or dominate you
• Being afraid of expressing your opinion
• Feeling a reoccurring itch in your throat
• Feeling guilty for expressing your needs and wants.

This throat chakra oil is intentionally formulated to help heal your throat chakra and move life force energy through this energy center smoothly. This oil is intended for topical use but you can also it to your baths or use it as moisturizer. 

To use, add 4-5 drops to palm and rub your throat in a counterclockwise motion until you feel energy and heat in this area. Visualize all life force energy in your body moving into this area. Do this daily to help bring energy into this chakra. This will encourage healing and proper energy flow.

Ingredients: Almond oil, coconut oil, essential oils, blue apatite crystals, jasmine flowers and butterfly tea flowers. 

*please allow 5-7 days for creation*

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