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Indigo Water Spiritual Wash

Indigo Water Spiritual Wash

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Indigo water is a staple in many spiritual traditions and has many names. Growing up, my grandma use to make me energy cleansing baths that were so blue and beautiful. This experience was completely forgotten and came back to me in the form of a vision after my awakening experience two years ago. I began using indigo water again in my baths and it has helped me so much. The color indigo is connected to our third eye and crown chakra, using it in a bath helps you connect to your third eye and it also helps develop your psychic abilities.

Benefits and uses:
It can be used as a floor wash, on your altar or in your energy cleansing bath to absorb negative energy, purify and raise vibrations.

8oz bottle
Contains: anil, lilac essence, sea salt, distilled water.

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